• PLAYBUDDY creates a sport 'ecosystem'

    by connecting players, experts, coaches, fitness providers, stores, sports physicians, and facility providers.

  • Sports injury prevention? Treatment? Nutrition?

    Nurse your plans with PLAYBUDDY’s sports medical supports.

  • PLAYBUDDY makes Physical activity accessible to all!

    Together, we can build a generation of sports excellence!

  • Need encouragement? Instruction? Guidance?

    Get a coach and get coached.

  • Pursue what excites you.

    If it is sports, PLAYBUDDY supports!

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PLAYBUDDY offers a way to find sports facility, an activity to participate in, or find another player to play with. You can discover playgrounds, training centers, tournaments, coaches, gym, and even sports medical support via PLAYBUDDY.


    Playing sports can often results in aches and pain, or an injury that needs to be seen by a doctor or a specialist for proper diagnosis and treatment. PLAYBUDDY can help you to find out sports medicine experts like physician, surgeon, or another provider just by a few taps on your phone.


    Shopping for sportswear? Access exclusive offers and shop the very latest sports products on the move! Now it is easy to find a sports store to collect your favorite fitness accessories, equipment, apparel etc. as you can see all the attractive offers and promotions of different stores in PLAYBUDDY.


    Health is an asset and joining a health club, gym, or fitness studio is an investment in your health. But finding a facility that is right for you is crucial because an unsuitable place will make you more likely to find an excuse to skip. PLAYBUDDY can help you to find out the right gym within your budget with all the facilities you want.

  • Sports Facilities:

    PLAYBUDDY would be the platform for booking sport facilities in Qatar. PLAYBUDDY makes it easy to find a sports venue suitable for your requirements. When PLABUDDY is here, don’t waste your time running around looking for a place to play.


    Do you want to tailor a plan to maximize your workout routine based on your interests and goals? PLAYBUDDY offers a list of coaches with extensive training resources for sports and fitness enthusiasts. We can surely help you to improve your performance and reach your individual goals.


    One person cannot make a team. So, we help you to get your teammates! PLAYBUDDY makes it easier for people to find a co-player to play sports with. Finding co-players can be done in minutes and with PLAYBUDDY you can choose and finalize your play mates.

  • Events

    How do you know about all those live or upcoming sports events in Qatar and participate? Join with Us and we will let you know. PLAYBUDDY will showcase all sports related events with full schedules, game day information, and more and with a single click you are a part of it.


    PLAYBUDDY will serve as a platform for stores to advertise their promos and offers. You can choose among verified sport promo codes and coupons available to get money off your next court booking or online ordering.

    PLAYBUDDY Mobile App

    PLAYBUDDY also has an easy-to-use mobile application for Android and iOS. The application can help you to locate and book sports facilities, locate gyms and stores, find out and join sports events and tournaments, and connect and play with other players. Sports enthusiasts can register with PLAYBUDDY as player or coach, and the app supports you to get player profiles, courts details, events, etc. as per your preference.

Partner with PLAYBUDDY

PLAYBUDDY, a sports marketplace, bridges the gap between sports facilities and the sports loving community. It provides free venue and schedule booking for your facility along with an integrated payment gateway for booking.

With PLAYBUDDY, you can reach out to a wider community which can be a great help in organizing events and tournaments. PLAYBUDDY gives your business a chance to get exposed to targeted customers. You can let the customers know you have what they want.

For business establishments, please reach out to our marketing team and they will be more than happy to help.

Become a Member

It only takes a couple of minutes to join with us. You can download the app for free from the Google Play Store or the App Store. All you need is an iOS or Android Smartphone with an internet connection.

To download the app, please go to the link below.


  • 01. What is PLAYBUDDY application? How it works?
  • PLAYBUDDY is a mobile application that helps you to locate and book sports facilities, locate gyms and stores, find out and join sports events and tournaments, and connect and play with other players. Sports enthusiasts can register with PLAYBUDDY as player, coach, and the app support you to get player profiles, courts details, events, etc. as per your preference.
  • 02. How to register with PLAYBUDDY? How long will it take?
  • Registering with PLAYBUDDY will take a few minutes. After downloading the application, give your name, and email ID and tap Submit button below. You will be asked to enter your first name, last name, gender, date of birth, location, nationality, and phone number. Once you have entered all the details, the next screen will prompt you to select your favorite sports from the list. Accept the Terms & Condition. Enter the OTP to complete your registration process.
    The app also has the option to sign up either with your Google account or Facebook account.
  • 03. How expensive is PLAYBUDDY?
  • Registering with PLAYBUDDY is completely free.
  • 04. How to login in PLAYBUDDY?
  • Open the PLAYBUDDY app and enter your login ID. You will get an OTP for confirmation. Enter the OTP and you are ‘in’.
  • 05. How to add my profile picture?
  • From the side bar menu, click on the profile icon and tap CHANGE PROFILE PICTURE below the profile pic to add or edit your picture.
  • 06. How to describe myself in PLAYBUDDY?
  • From the side bar menu, click on the profile icon and tap DESCRIBE YOURSELF link. Choose either pro player or coach.
  • 07. How to explore and book a venue?
  • Go to the Home page, and tap Book a Venue option. You can select the sport/game, date, and location(optional), and click Next. You will get a list of available Facilities from different associates. Tap View to see the promos of a particular associate. Tap Book Now to book a court where you can select the date, time slot, court, and your preferred mode of payment. Tap Book and you are done.
    Tap View to see the details of the particular court.
  • 08. Where do I find my booked venue?
  • To view your booking history, go to Home page and tap BOOK A VENUE option. You can tap Search icon on top right of the screen to view your booking history.
  • 09. How ease the cancellation and refunds?
  • For cancellations and refunds you must contact the facility as each facility has their own terms and conditions regarding this.
  • 10. How to find players through PLAYBUDDY?
  • Go to Home page, tap the Find a Mate to Play option and enter your preferences like sport/game, time, date, nationality, gender etc. The app will show you the list of players with contact details who matches with your preferences.
  • 11. Does PLAYBUDDY share personal contact details?
  • Yes.
  • 12. How to see upcoming/ongoing events?
  • Go to Home page and then tap the See Events option. You can select the location and event type to search for any events or tournaments.
  • 13. How to select my favorite sports?
  • From the side bar menu, click on the profile icon and tap My Favorite Sports. You can add or remove your favorite sports from the list.
  • 14. How to edit my profile?
  • From the side bar menu, click on the profile icon to edit your profile.
  • 15. How to change my email id and mobile number?
  • From the side bar menu, go to Settings to change your email ID and mobile number and you will receive an OTP for confirmation.
  • 16. How can I pay? What payment method does PLAYBUDDY accept?
  • You can either pay at court or pay online. You can select as per your convenience.
  • 17. How to log out of the application?
  • Tap the log out icon from the side bar menu to log out of the application.
  • 18. Does PLAYBUDDY support multiple languages?
  • PLAYBUDDY supports both English and Arabic.


PLAYBUDDY TECHNOLOGIES WLL is an innovative online platform that works as a sports market place to facilitate sports and sports lovers. The concept is initiated by an end-to-end technology company with two decades of experience in Qatar who wanted to bring in innovation and technology together to open new experience to the sports loving community. From facility booking to sports events registration, PLAYBUDDY offers a wide range of sports related services and collaborates sports enthusiasts, players, facility providers, health clubs, sports stores, and sports medical support facilities under the same roof.

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